Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada Saturday Qualifying 12th June 2010

Saturday started with the Historic F1 race in which former F1 cars that were raced by the likes of Alain Prost and Gilles Villeneuve were once again allowed to lap the 4.3km Circuit. The present F1 cars were allowed a last Practice Session and at 1pm Qualifying started.  M. Schumacher made a surprise exit at the end of Q2 not making it into Q3. At the end of Qualifying it was L. Hamilton who managed to pip the two Red Bulls of M.Webber and S. Vettel in his final lap and actually running out of gas on his victory lap.

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Formula 1 Grand Prix Du Canada Friday 11th June 2010

  The crowd roared as the first car came into view but it couldn’t stop the sweet sweet sound of 19000 rpm and together with the brilliant saturated colours of the famous brands I was truly in awe…we had arrived…our very first Formula 1. I have been all over the Caribbean for Rally’s, Circuit Racing and Drag events but never once have I forgotten to press the trigger on my camera.

  For the next six hours we watched as all the F1 teams took their cars to the limit trying to get the best grip and speed at this the great Circuit De Gilles Villeneuve. Friday’s practice consisted of two sessions each one and a half hours long and in between just to ensure no one got bored there was a Ferrari Circuit Race.

  Armed with our Paddock Passes (thank you Mr. 3ne2nr ) we toured the back of the pits hoping to catch a glimpse of the Lewis’s and Schumi’s and Alonso’s. Instead I managed to get into the Red Bull Racing pits (thank you Mr. Zorce ) and I now stood 10 feet away from one M. Webber and S. Vettel. For 10 minutes I was allowed to watch and photograph what goes on at the pits of one of the best teams in this years F1 Championship.

  At the end of Friday’s session Sebastian Vettel had the fastest time, but it meant nothing since qualifying was the next day and this would decide who sat on poll for Sunday’s race.

Stay Tuned for Saturday Qualifying and Sunday race pictures…..

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Meagan and the Tropical Power/Total Evo VIII

Just a small teaser of Robbies Evo VIII and Meagan….

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